The PUn of the Don (PUoD), established 17 years ago on January 1, 2002, has been sent almost daily to a select group of wonderful family members and friends after careful evaluation for the strength of the PUn-ishment or other appropriate (this equates to G rated ) humorous/historical content. (That means they are not ALL PUns for those who have asked.  (Sample below)  I say almost daily because although I prepare them well in advance, some days I just get busy and forget to send them.

Weekdays, PUoD are purposely short, the weekends reserved for those a tad longer, for those hours when readers might have a tad bit more time to read.   Sundays are usually reserved for the funny paper cartoons most of us remember as kids. 

Once you are deemed so special that you "make the list", you remain here forever, or until I run out of PUns, OR you request removal.   Be forearmed, and forewarned. Unless you growl loudly that you don't like a daily case of the giggles and groans with the rest of us . . .they will continue to arrive as my loving tribute to life and laughter and our relationship.

You are or become special in my heart, PUn of the don... is my way of saying good morning, good afternoon or good evening (depending on the time of day it is sent) to the very special people in my life; so groan, and chuckle and and have a most wonderful day !

The list used ONLY once a day for non commercial purposes and is not sold or given to anyone,  Period.



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