St. Paul's Chapel

St. Paul's Chapel on Broadway; a gathering place during the Revolutionary War, and today.

It is a place of prayer, contemplation, refuge, and hope.

It is covered with cards, letters and tributes to those who come today...the workers from inside Ground Zero. It is a most moving experience for any who come,   and the atmosphere is understandably quiet and reverent.

This picture has hung over Geo. Washington's pew since he worshipped here.

Some come for Chiropractic care, some for food, some for solitude...some to pray...

...and some to sleep.

These banners are for the masses outside to sign and share their hope, their love and care. Thousands have come with something they need to express, and the church has provided this opportunity (and pens) for all who come.

Some are filled with grace and mercy...

...some with tributes or gifts...

...some are colorful, yet each is a somber reminder of what has taken place here.

Some who come, have lost much...

...others just want to tell NY how much they care.

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These pictures are from the St. Paul's Chapel Website in 2001 - See their 2005 updated photos and multimedia presentation of the events of 9/11 and the 8 months that followed while the church was closed to the public  Click Below